Jonathan Nestor

I highly recommend Attorney Karen Winston for any immigration issues because she is very professional and methodical. I was subject of deportation and my case was very complicated; I had a lot of anxiety and stress of going back to my home country. However, after meeting with Attorney Winston, she proposed me the best option that will help me adjust my status in the US. Throughout the process she was very professional and objective. She asked me for all the appropriate documents that could serve as evidence in my case in order to be granted a green Card. I believe that I am very fortunate of having Attorney Winston working in my case.

I am a believer and I think God uses Attorney Winston to save my life and to help achieving my American goals. Attorney Winston changes deportation to permanent residency; that’s my case -real life story, that’s my story. Today, I am a green card holder and I am very proud not just because I can stay legally in the US, but it is because I can see my daughter grows up, I can achieve my a American dream, I can continue helping others, and I can now serve the US Military. 

I want to say thanks to Karen Winston law office staff for their supports and their services in My case. I have a special thank for Elizabeth who is very professional as well. She was working very hard to help me get things done on time. I want to tell the Attorney and her staff that I appreciate them a lot and I do not have enough money to pay them for what they help me accomplish in my life today.
Thank you again, I highly recommend Attorney Karen Winston for any immigration situation.

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