Choosing an Immigration Attorney

Four things to consider when choosing your immigration attorney.

  1. Immigration law is complex and is constantly changing.  Find an immigration lawyer who practices only immigration law. Someone who dabbles in immigration, or does an immigration case here or there is probably not an experienced immigration attorney.
  2. Find an attorney with experience in your particular type of case. Many immigration attorneys focus on specific types of immigration law. Some may focus on business visas, while others may focus on asylum. Don’t be shy asking your potential lawyer about their experience and success with your particular kind of case.
  3. Watch out for attorneys who tell you what you want to hear and not what you need to hear. Not everyone’s immigration problems can be solved. Many people, despite having U.S. Citizen children or many years in the U.S. can still be deported. An attorney should thoroughly review your immigration history, and review any documents you’ve filed with immigration, as well as any criminal records, before they can tell you whether they will be able to help you. Get a second opinion if what you were promised seems too good to be true.
  4. If the person trying to “help” you isn’t a licensed attorney in good standing, run! The wrong kind of help can really hurt your case. Find an experienced attorney who knows the law. Trying to save money by going to a notario may cause a serious problem for your case that can’t be resolved.

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