Baker County Jail and Release from Detention 

You have rights!

The Law Office of Karen Winston offers free consultations to persons detained at the Baker County Jail in Macclenny, Florida. Our office is located in Jacksonville, Florida, approximately thirty (30) minutes from the facility, which makes it easy for us to interview, meet with, and regularly communicate with your loved one detained at Baker. ICE provides the following information about Baker regarding mail, calling a detainee, and visitation.

Our office also represents clients detained by Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) anywhere in the U.S. Persons who are detained by ICE are often transferred far away from their loved ones. To locate your loved one in detention, visit the on-line detainee locator system as published by ICE, available here:

Your loved one may be eligible for release from detention on bond, or for urgent humanitarian reasons. Karen Winston can represent your loved one in bond and other release requests with Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE), and bond redetermination requests before an Immigration Judge.

If your loved one has been detained for a very long time, the Law Office of Karen Winston may be able to assist them with filing a writ of habeas corpus in Federal Court, or bond request with an Immigration Judge. Call our office today to speak with Karen Winston about getting your loved one released from jail or immigration detention.

For more information about the conditions of confinement at Baker, here is a link to a 2012 report on the facility co-authored by Attorney Karen Winston: Download Here